Monday, June 30, 2014


Well welcome back to another blog, I want to take sometime and talk about the advantage and disavantage of publicity. There are a ga zillion books, systems, audios/videos on the topic. I want to talk about a book I bought of amazon and then give you my theory of it the title of the book is FAME 101 . Now I purchase this book with the idea of learning the famous become famous although I know you will not fine an exact answer in any book, the topic was intriguing to me.

Now I don't know the authors and never heard of them but I did take the time read/skim through the book just to hear about the likes of OBAMA, OPRAH, SUZE ORMAN, MARTHA STEWART.... whom we all recognize yet I never heard of Maggie Jessup, and Jay Jessup. Now they say they have celebrity clients that they help yet I never heard of them. So hear is what I say, make sure before you buy into what people are say that they represent what they say. Its no difference than a blind person trying to teach person with full vision to see. Overall the book does have great concepts here and there but not enough a blueprint to create the results of those in which they speak on in the book. Contact Fabio:

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