Sunday, May 11, 2014

Loyalty 2 Gurbaksh Chahal

Hello internet world I'm widely aware that many people don't agree with me SUPPORTING Gurbaksh Chahal. Trust me I know my opinion count I've had threats to me because I support him. I've also received media request to talk about Gurbaksh. So I decide to write this blog post on my feelings. First let me state, the things I'll say is only my opinion. I do agree with fact that hitting women is NOT acceptable, however I do believe women SHOULDN'T PROVOKE A MAN. I don't care what religion or creed they are, they shouldn't provoke a man. Far as Gurbaksh is concern I do believe he is genuinely sorry for what he has done. He has state that in social media forums. I think the fact that hes a multi millionaire producer in the tech world people are coming down hard on him. Base on what I've seen and read the young lady is NOT trying to pursue further actions against him. I read his blog and agree I feel he's been attact base upon creed, religion, and sex. I thought in this country you were innocent until proven guilty. I think its quite the contrary. He has a family, a business, and I'm sure personal matter to deal with to on a daily. I think the media is treating him like he's Ted Bundy or something. I'm not trying to make any excuses for what he's done, however its over folks. The judge gave what he gave him and that's that.

Personally Gurbaksh, I feel is a nice hard working man who over came a lot in his lifetime according to his book THE DREAM. I'm reading post,blogs,reporters ,youtubers, and media outlets. People are acting like he was given something. That man worked hard for his status, lifestyle, and persona that he has create for himself. We all as humans, have the same capabilities as him. He just choice to use his mind differently then most at a very young age.

Now far as the people who has threaten me, I'm not worried. I'm entitled to my opinion. MY opinion is he deserve a second chance to get himself together. Base on what I see from him, I believe he will do just that. At the end of the day let him deal with his higher power whomever that may be to him.

Closing Gurbaksh you have my full support for your comeback. I understand radiumOne has decided to vote you down as the Ceo of the company. I'm sure with drive,motivation,determination, you make a comeback. Just remember who turn their backs on you in the mist of the opposition. My prayers is with and the entire chahal family.

God Bless

Fabio Hart

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