Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Hello folks I want to do a quick blog about DEALING WITH HATERS. You see I've talked about this many many times on youtube @fabiohart416. Let me put it this way I love and hate my haters. I love my haters because they talking about whether they talking down on my success or talking down on me period. I like that fact that they give me the satisfaction. Now hate my haters ( guess that make me a hater to lol) because no one like to be talked about in a negative way. We all like to be praise though. Now here is why I wrote this blog, I consider myself to be valuable source in the commercial cleaning industry. No I'm not a guru of the industry but I have made a splash in the industry. So when I'm doing speeches I talk about haters all the time just know you will have them. So should be ready to welcome them with open arms. Trust me I have family,friends,ex girlfriends,people who never met me before, ex co workers, the list goes on and on. I welcome the attention because I love it. It add fuel to my fire, the best for you to keep giving them something to talk about.

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