Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Hello folks I want to do a quick blog about DEALING WITH HATERS. You see I've talked about this many many times on youtube @fabiohart416. Let me put it this way I love and hate my haters. I love my haters because they talking about whether they talking down on my success or talking down on me period. I like that fact that they give me the satisfaction. Now hate my haters ( guess that make me a hater to lol) because no one like to be talked about in a negative way. We all like to be praise though. Now here is why I wrote this blog, I consider myself to be valuable source in the commercial cleaning industry. No I'm not a guru of the industry but I have made a splash in the industry. So when I'm doing speeches I talk about haters all the time just know you will have them. So should be ready to welcome them with open arms. Trust me I have family,friends,ex girlfriends,people who never met me before, ex co workers, the list goes on and on. I welcome the attention because I love it. It add fuel to my fire, the best for you to keep giving them something to talk about.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Fabio Hart & Troy Polamalu Hair Cut

Hey folks Fabio has just been aware through Troy hair cut for vetrans campaign and has be ask to partake in the campaign. According to Hart " I like what Troy is doing for vetrans I think it has real mean to it".  Hart has been ask about cutting his long curly locks for the cause, Hart reponded with he will contribute to the cause because he like what Troy is doing and the awareness Troy Polamalu is bringing to the cause. At this point Hart DO NOT plan on cutting his hair for this campaign.

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Their's a young lady Santanna Mills claiming that fabio is the father of her baby. Well I sat down and talk to fabio about the situation and here is what he said " WELL MARIA I DON'T BELIEVE I'M THE FATHER OF HER BABY BUT THEIR IS A SLIGHT CHANCE I COULD BE. I'M JUST WAITING TO SHE GIVE BIRTH SO I CAN GO THROUGH WITH THE DNA" wow if he is the father this should be interesting to see how everything turn out. So I want to know you guys thought of fabio being the father of this young lady baby.  From hotboy fabio to fabio the daddy lol. This will definitely be interesting. Please make sure you comment and subscribe to this blogspot.