Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Heeeeey people yep its me Fabio coming back with a new blog. Well I'm sitting here downtown detroit in the ren cen thinking and reading. I believe their are so many ways to become rich or just comfortable in business. I've read sooooooo many books. Marketing, public relations, social media,sales, I come to realize that what these books are talking about arnt relevant to todays marketplace. So many people what you to believe they have the answers but really don't know shit about the industry. Like for example I'm in the niche market, commercial cleaning. When I first started out in the industry I bought a book from Entrepreneur Press Jaquelyn lynn START A CLEANING SERVICE. Yet she is a ghostwritter I dnt think she knows anything about any of the topics she write about. E-books writers are full of shit to. They still other people shit cut and paste it and claim it as theirs. To be honest I believe if you want to be successful in what ever industry model someone who's doing it and consistent. I love books and think their are great authors out there most arnt. Sometime I just assume learning by trial and error because these authors are a bunch of fluff. A lot of authors are college professors and how can they tell you about something they never down.

Let's take Todd Nichols, I order his clean up the cash system 3 yrs ago. Yes he has a full fledge course however he actually work the business he's teaching about. Now if he was a auto broker trying to tell me how to clean a building, I may not have listen to him. So if you want real world business sense, find someone doing what your doing and model that. The results will be better than any book you can ever read.

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