Sunday, October 16, 2011


Donny Deutsch is leading man of the ad sector I'm the leading man of the commercial cleaning industry. Their is no company that can out perform mines. I'm not a franchise but will kick a franchise ass. Franchises is ok in many other industries but commercial cleaning it's terrible. I will show up at the end of each round. Fabio Hart International driven by style,swagg, and taking care of our clients. We maybe new to the industry but have a new way of thinking about commercial cleaning. Why do fabio hart believe he is the sexiest entrepreneur alive? Well between modeling and cleaning I will bring pure sexiness and top shelf service to my client. LET'S FACE IT SEX IS EVERYWHERE AND THE COMMERCIAL CLEANING INDUSTRY IS HARDLY SEXY. Nothing sexy about cleaning up commercial,residential,and industrial buildings. Well Fabio Hart International bridge the gap sexy cleaning. If your office not sexy or clean now, it will be when I'm done. Remember I'm not claiming to be the biggest commercial cleaning company,just the best.


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