Monday, October 17, 2011


There is nothing easy about this process. Its not hard either, the tough part is under bidding or not know what others has bidded. I have a simple formula, for bidding. Simply believe in yourself and company. Do not just take low ball type of account. You are in business to turn a profit,never sell yourself or company short. I get many calls and emails about this. To be honest I dnt do things conventionally. Guess what? You probably not the only person doing it that way.  Because of the economy people are desperate for business account and being cut throat about the tactics. There is not set way, to earn accounts. A lot of people are teaching out dated or long drawn out ways. Folks think smarter not harder. I'm not a veteran at this industry, I just do things different. If you have a franchise you are definately in trouble. Franchising is a blog by itself. Go with you gut, if you are a newbie do not sell you self short. The type of account should vary some people will tell office park buildings. Some people will tell you dentist,clinics,churches,daycares, etc.. I believe in diversifying your accounts. Lastly do not make the deal bigger than it is. Its not a big deal go for it

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