Thursday, October 1, 2009


Hello to all my followers, hope you all have a great day today. Well it's about 4:45pm as of this writing. Today i want to talk about the AMERICA AS I SEE IT. To me America is a great country not perfect, i said great. The reason i said not perfect is because seem to think she's perfect sometimes. We stick our nose in everyone business. Don't get me wrong America allow you to speak your own native language. We allow to experience free enterprise. We also have many opportunities here. I do love the this country, I don't like the misunderstanding and the fact we as a country try to help everyone else out. When it come for us to help ourselves we SUCK. One end we have freedom of speech, on another end we smash our self when we state our claim. See, i could state a controversy opinion right now I'm willing to gamble that it would find it's way to FOX,CNN (EVEN THOUGH I LOVE THEM), MSNBC or whoever else and my words in this blog would be interpreted wrong. I think free speech is only good when it's going our adversaries. My opinion of AMERICA is simple we are greedy. We stick the knife in our own selves. Whether it's BUSH, OBAMA, or whom ever they can only do so much as the leaders of our country. Do not get me wrong I think there are bad policies in every administrations. American is a large corporation the is very hard to understand. Their are so many components to us. If there was ever a person(s) i could put in office. Here would be my pick.


I pick these three men because they were smart and intelligent enough to delegate to people who could do what they could. I'm not say these men are perfect, and played everything thing by the rule book. Lets face it they were humans. They seem to have keen way of bring people together for a common goal.


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