Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Hello world I'm very new to this blogging thing and hoping to meet great people here. I want to touch on a few things. Not long ago I was doing a seminar in a small town out side of Windsor Ontario Canada. I wasn't feeling to well that day but proceeded. So at the end of each speech i do, i close with the following "The only person who can stop you from, starting up your own dreams an making it to the top is you". This lady stood up and called me a liar. She said " You are well connected, easy for your to say because you have money and health care" So I ask her who control her mind me or you. She said i (meaning me) control it because im manipulating. So i ask her, do she believe she have the ability to reach her goals. She said no, because all her life people told her because she was over weight and she would never amount to anything. So to fast forward a little bit, I told her that she wont succeed because she believe she won't.

See folk when you look in the mirror, ask your self why not me. I have obstacles to, the difference is I turn them in to a positives, with positive thinking and strategic planning. In order to make a move you have to think it first. For ex: When playing chess or spades your not going to move any way. You will think your move first then make it. Well life is the same in a sense. Don't get me wrong there are times I have jump in situations and lost. There also times I've won.

Just what ever you do in life calculate the move then take action. Remember to ask yourself why not me. I'm Fabio Hart signing out for now

Fabio Hart

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