Friday, April 29, 2016

Fabio Top 10 Cities

Hey folks I'm Fabio Hart back with another blog in over a year. Well I want to give you guys a short list of my top 10 cities to visit. ( no specific order )

1. Saginaw, Mi

2. Toledo, Oh

3. Atlanta, Ga

4. Windsor Ontario Canada

5. Pittsburgh, Pa

6. Flint, Mi

7. Louisville, Ky

8. Miami, Fl

9. New Orleans, La

10. Indianapolis, In

These are my favorite cities to visit hope you get a chance to visit them some day.

Good bless you all

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


BACK after being gone away from my blog for so long. I'm returning I've lost many followers and heard many rumors about myself. Well let's return to the basics. So I'm bold enough to tell you how you can generate at least 10K per month. Commercial cleaning is a big thing of what I do, it's just not the only thing I do.

Now my marketing is ran like a presidential campaign. The real funny part is the majority of my clients see me on local news. I run relentless marketing campaigns and you can do it as well. I've been fortune to pick up new accounts in VA, MI, OH, GA, and soon to launch back in TORONTO.

Fabio Hart Marketing Plan







Friday, September 12, 2014


Hi folks, this fabio coming back with another blog I want to address residential and commercial cleaning. Let's start with residential I believe it a great market to get in to if you have a passion for cleaning homes. Its good money in it. According to LIFE COACH ANGEL RICHARDSON she generated $1000 a week with her service. Not a bad income for a beginner cleaner. So if you have a passion for cleaning homes I would definitely go that route. I believe other wise I feel its more money in cleaning commercial. I just think just the opposite. Hollywood janitorial is well establish I also believe commercial have the lesser turnover rate.  GREAT, dare to be great what ever route you.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Hello to all my newest prospects. I will like to take the time to welcome you ahead. After trying us out for the next 90 days my bet is you will wish you started with us years ago. Let take the time to let you in on why you should give us the chance to be your service provider.

1. We pay attention to the details and work on all jobs as if it was our own home or office.

2. We are not a franchise which mean you have our undivided attention. Its not about us (Hollywood Janitorial Service) its about our clients and serving you.

3. We operate with class and prestige and take the same mindset when cleaning your facility.

4. We are a honest company that put together cleaning programs base on your needs.

5. We are eco friendly and cleaning with passion.

Thank you all so much for giving us the chance to be your cleaner. Our company is where you will feel great not regretful.

Fabio Hart
Hollywood Janitorial Service for estimates

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Well its now 2:26am August 28, 2014. I writting this letter because I have a lot on my mind. I can't take the fact the harder I try the more it seem I haven't tried enough. My goals are my first priorities but something is DEFINITELY wrong with me. I just feel my life is tragic, I dnt feel loved and those who claim to love me I'm not so sure about. I spend countless hours at night mostly stressing feeling like given up. Ima HART so I feel like I will be really lowering my stock by doing so. Suicide has cross my mind plenty of times especially since I calapsed Monday August 25. Battle demons within, there is a dark cloud over me these days. I make no excuses for this because its all my fault my body and health has taken a tremendous blow. I focus more on my goals and success and my celebrity then anything. I will admit I'm use to winning some how it has came pretty natural to me. Dealing with adversity has always stress me out. I really feel orphaned because my isn't as close to me as there are with others yet I smile and take it in with stride. Friends has envy my ability to WIN which has hurt me a bit because these are people, whom I thought would always be apart of my life. I also feel I fucked up a lot of great female relationships either working like a slave or allowing other females to rail road my situation. I just want feel like a failure from all angles. I have travel coast to coast, north to south speaking, motivating, and trying my damnest to be the best me as possible. I feel the weight on me now is more than I can bare. I'm trying not to lost myself to self destruct but it seem that's where I'm head. I'm never content. People just dnt understand the vision that I have and image that I wish to project with that vision. R.I.P to my mother however mom I believe I will be joining you soon.

In closing will like to thank the people who has motivated me in some way, fashion, or form. I really have a problem with not on trying to become respect business but with celebrity at the same time. Don't ask me why I have an obsession with celebrity I just do and don't know why. I just feel I'm suppose to be celebrated and helping people reach their goals to.

Here is a list of people I admire and want to I do.

BRET HITMAN HART, I just want you to know you impact my life more than you probably know. Through you I started to believe in me and my ability to be better than anyone else.

DON LAPRE, R.I.P I know you no longer with us here in flesh but I will never forget what you told me. I appreciate what you taught me.

GURBAKSH CHAHAL After reading your book I so how feel I know more than I do because we battle some of the same things. We very close in age so I so how think that I can produce a simular result in my industry as you do with tech.

MICHAEL JACKSON I miss you dearly and never forgot what you and Don Barden told me back in the day. That will forever stay embeded in head and heart.

These are people whom I have great respect fot and had the most impact on me throughout my entire life from then to now.

NOW this open letter would not be approved unless I mention the women in my life here on earth whom I believe really care and love me unconditionally an always been in my best intrest.


You ladies have had the most profound affect on my life then you all know. I love you anf greatful for what I learned being with you all. Just know when I die and they shevel dirt in my face just know y'all meant the most to me. I apologies if you ladies felt I ever wrong you in any way. May god bless you all in many ways just know I love you all.


Monday, June 30, 2014


Well welcome back to another blog, I want to take sometime and talk about the advantage and disavantage of publicity. There are a ga zillion books, systems, audios/videos on the topic. I want to talk about a book I bought of amazon and then give you my theory of it the title of the book is FAME 101 . Now I purchase this book with the idea of learning the famous become famous although I know you will not fine an exact answer in any book, the topic was intriguing to me.

Now I don't know the authors and never heard of them but I did take the time read/skim through the book just to hear about the likes of OBAMA, OPRAH, SUZE ORMAN, MARTHA STEWART.... whom we all recognize yet I never heard of Maggie Jessup, and Jay Jessup. Now they say they have celebrity clients that they help yet I never heard of them. So hear is what I say, make sure before you buy into what people are say that they represent what they say. Its no difference than a blind person trying to teach person with full vision to see. Overall the book does have great concepts here and there but not enough a blueprint to create the results of those in which they speak on in the book. Contact Fabio:

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Loyalty 2 Gurbaksh Chahal

Hello internet world I'm widely aware that many people don't agree with me SUPPORTING Gurbaksh Chahal. Trust me I know my opinion count I've had threats to me because I support him. I've also received media request to talk about Gurbaksh. So I decide to write this blog post on my feelings. First let me state, the things I'll say is only my opinion. I do agree with fact that hitting women is NOT acceptable, however I do believe women SHOULDN'T PROVOKE A MAN. I don't care what religion or creed they are, they shouldn't provoke a man. Far as Gurbaksh is concern I do believe he is genuinely sorry for what he has done. He has state that in social media forums. I think the fact that hes a multi millionaire producer in the tech world people are coming down hard on him. Base on what I've seen and read the young lady is NOT trying to pursue further actions against him. I read his blog and agree I feel he's been attact base upon creed, religion, and sex. I thought in this country you were innocent until proven guilty. I think its quite the contrary. He has a family, a business, and I'm sure personal matter to deal with to on a daily. I think the media is treating him like he's Ted Bundy or something. I'm not trying to make any excuses for what he's done, however its over folks. The judge gave what he gave him and that's that.

Personally Gurbaksh, I feel is a nice hard working man who over came a lot in his lifetime according to his book THE DREAM. I'm reading post,blogs,reporters ,youtubers, and media outlets. People are acting like he was given something. That man worked hard for his status, lifestyle, and persona that he has create for himself. We all as humans, have the same capabilities as him. He just choice to use his mind differently then most at a very young age.

Now far as the people who has threaten me, I'm not worried. I'm entitled to my opinion. MY opinion is he deserve a second chance to get himself together. Base on what I see from him, I believe he will do just that. At the end of the day let him deal with his higher power whomever that may be to him.

Closing Gurbaksh you have my full support for your comeback. I understand radiumOne has decided to vote you down as the Ceo of the company. I'm sure with drive,motivation,determination, you make a comeback. Just remember who turn their backs on you in the mist of the opposition. My prayers is with and the entire chahal family.

God Bless

Fabio Hart